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Basic Information
Sponsor Name: Kinship Foundation
Program Name: 2018 Searle Scholars Program
Program URL: http://www.searlescholars.net/go.php?id=5
Limit: 1
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Standard Format:

Four (4) page document as follows: Faculty should provide a one (1) page cover page which includes the PI name, title of the proposed research, and the date in which they started their assistant professor level position. In three (3) additional pages, provide details of the specific areas of research that you would like to perform in your laboratory in the next few years, explaining why this work is particularly novel and important. For guidance, reference questions 18 and 19 in the Searle Scholars Program Application Guide (found at the bottom of this page). A CV or biosketch should be uploaded separately.


The Searle Scholars Program Scientific Advisory Board is primarily interested in the potential of applicants to make innovative and high-impact contributions to research over an extended period of time.

Applicants for the 2018 competition (awards which will be activated on July 1, 2018 ) are expected to be pursuing independent research careers in biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and related areas in chemistry, medicine, and the biological sciences. Applicants should have begun their appointment as an independent investigator at the assistant professor level on or after July 1, 2016. The Searle Scholars Program does not ordinarily support purely clinical research but has supported research programs that include both clinical and basic components. Potential applicants who are unsure if their research is appropriate for our Program are encouraged to examine the research interests of present and former Searle Scholars on the link above.

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Related Dates
VPR Announcement: Jun 15, 2017
Internal Due Date: Jul 19, 2017
Committee Review Date/Time: Aug 03, 2017
Announcement of Selection(s): Aug 10, 2017
Full Proposal Due to Sponsor: Sep 29, 2017
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