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Basic Information
Sponsor Name: North Carolina Community Foundation
Program Name: 2018 Duke Energy Water Resource Fund
Program URL: http://www.nccommunityfoundation.org/page/other-grant-opportunities/duke-energy-water-resource-fund-grants/applying-to-the-duke-energy-water-resources-fund
Limit: 1
Limit Details:

Organizations may only submit one (1) proposal per cycle.

Standard Format:

PIs may submit a total of six (6) pages as follows:

  • A one (1) page cover page listing a descriptive title for the proposal and all confirmed and tentative collaborators (include name, title, college & department for each). The cover page should also list any priority research areas to be addressed.
  • An additional five (5) pages are allotted for the narrative, including the following:
    • Strength of alignment with program goals
    • Clear, well-defined Impact related to water 
    • Feasible, realistic plans, achievable within the grant term
    • Sound budget structure with adequate financial support
      • Favorable consideration is given to grants that leverage other funds or in-kind resources.
    • Sustainability via continuation of the program and/or lasting benefit
    • Evidence of collaboration with supportive partners

Citations and biosketches for key personnel may be included and do not count against the page limits.


In September 2014, Duke Energy announced its investment of $10 million to establish the Water Resources Fund, which will provide grants for projects benefiting waterways in the Carolinas and waterways downstream from its Carolinas operations that flow into Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia.

This grant program demonstrates Duke Energy’s commitment to protecting, improving and restoring waterways in the Carolinas and promoting environmental education and conservation as well as its dedication to being good stewards of the environment and good neighbors in the communities it serves.

The fund supports science-based, research-supported programs and projects that provide direct benefit to at least one of the following focus areas designed to:

  • Improve water quality, quantity and conservation;
  • Enhance fish and wildlife management habitats;
  • Expand public use and access to waterways;
  • Increase citizens' awareness about their roles in protecting these resources.
Total Cost Notes: Grants will range from $10,000 to $100,000.
Related Dates
VPR Announcement: Aug 30, 2017
Internal Due Date: Sep 15, 2017
Announcement of Selection(s): Sep 22, 2017
LOI Due to Sponsor: Nov 01, 2017