Opportunity Detail (closed)

Basic Information
Sponsor Name: SC NASA EPSCoR
Program Name: 2018 $25K Research Grant Program
Program URL: http://scspacegrant.cofc.edu/research-opportunities/sc-nasa-epscor-research-grant-program-25000-seed-grants
Limit: 6
Limit Details:

Due to high levels of interest in this program historically, SC NASA EPSCoR has instituted a per-institution limit of up to 6 proposals that may be submitted for consideration in this competition.

Standard Format:

The pre-proposal may be a maximum of three (3) pages as follows: A one (1) page cover sheet following the solicitation’s Letter of Intent Requirements (below). Two (2) pages for the project description, to include an outline of the research questions, methods, and expected outcomes. A 2-page biosketch and any references may be included and will not count toward the three-page limit.

Solicitation LOI Requirements:

  1. Principal Investigator Information
    • PI Name
    • Institution and Department:
    • Address:
    • Phone:
    • Email:
  2. Proposed Project Title:
  3. Proposed Project Abstract (one paragraph):
  4. Mission Directorate and NASA Center Alignment: Identify the NASA Mission Directorate and the NASA Center(s) that best align with your proposed research.
  5. Three (3) suggested reviewers and full contact information for your project (1 should be a NASA scientist familiar with your research project discipline).

The main objective of the RGP is to fund a minimum of three (3) highly competitive NASA-related research proposals that will enable the awardees to more effectively compete for future NASA research funds.   This research program will provide 12 months of seed funding for faculty members to initiate or enhance research projects that have strong linkages to NASA’s Mission Directorates, support NASA’s 2014 Strategic Plan and can contribute to SC competitiveness at the national level.

Total Cost Notes:
Related Dates
VPR Announcement: Aug 30, 2017
Internal Due Date: Sep 27, 2017
Announcement of Selection(s): Oct 11, 2017
LOI Due to Sponsor: Oct 27, 2017
Full Proposal Due to Sponsor: Dec 01, 2017